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Photo Gallery

John's Place John's Place Waitin' The gang hangin' out on the patio 44289320 Fixin' fence How many men does it take??? 44289321 Settin' T post and stretchin' fence 44292567 Pounded nails 44292568 Dave and Sara 44292570 Big JOHN 44487634 Mules and horses 44487635 44487636 44487637 44487638 44487639 Wait'n 44487640 Bring'n the herd Tyler riding Touch of Tobasco and Sara riding Rowdy Man 44487641 Dave and Taris China Doll aka Mare Mare 44487643 44487645 44487646 44487647 44487649 Drink Break Ron's dog 44487650 44487651 Workin' good Cuffs doing a great job holding the steer 44487655 44487659 44487660 44487661 44487662 44487664